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Warren College Personnel

Quick numbers:
     *  Area Maintenance Supervisor: Keith Belcher, A101b, (32)2-5601
     *  VUPD: (32)2-2745 and (42)1-1911

Faculty Director of Warren College:
Doug Fisher is an associate professor of computer science in the School of Engineering, with research interests in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational models of human cognition, computing applications for environmental sustainability, and computational creativity.
     * Professor Fisher’s office is B106c, though office hours are often in the Warren Great Room
     * Drop-in Fall 2015 office hours for residents are TBD
     * Contact Professor Fisher by writing him at  
     * Professor Fisher's welcome to Warren
     * More about Doug and Patricia Fisher
     * Doug and Patricia Fisher’s residence is B503 (Warren)

College Halls Area Coordinator: Matt Sinclair
     * Matt's office is A101c (Moore)
     * Contact (32)2-4691
     * Matt and Andrea's residence is in Warren College.

College Halls Administrative Assistant: Jo Ann McIntire
    *Office is A105 (Moore)
    *Contact (615) 875-9639
    *Office Hours 8-4:30 Monday-Friday

Graduate Fellow Elliston Hall: Grace Chee
    * Grace's office is B106d (Warren)
    * Drop-in Fall 2015 office hours for residents are TBD
    * Contact Grace by writing her at 

Graduate Fellow Delbrück Hall: Nick Dressler
    * Nick's office is B106e (Warren)
    * Drop-in Fall 2015 office hours for residents are TBD
    * Contact Nick by writing him at 

Delbrück Hall Resident Advisers

Elliston Hall Resident Advisers

Lawrence W. Alyssa B.
Neal K.
Katie G.
Riley D. Nick C.
Sammie S. Safiah H.
Siham M. (Head Resident) Shawn A. (Head Resident)