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Moore College Personnel

Quick Numbers
     * Area Maintenance Supervisor:
 Keith Belcher, A101b (Moore), (32)2-5601
     * VUPD: (615) 322-2745 and (615) 421-1911

Faculty Director of Moore College: Jim Lovensheimer is an associate professor of musicology at the Blair School of Music, has turned a life-long passion for musical theater of all kinds into the focus of his academic research and writing.
     * Professor Lovensheimer’s office is in A105 (Moore)
     * Contact Professor Lovensheimer at for an appointment
     * Professor Lovensheimer's welcome to Moore
     * Moore about Professor Lovensheimer
     * Professor Lovensheimer’s residence is A502 (Moore)

College Halls Area Coordinator: Matt Sinclair
     * Office is A101c (Moore)
     * Contact (615) 322-4691
     *Office hours (Fall 2015) are subject to change and are Tuesday 1:00-4:00pm, Thursday 9:00-11:30am, and Friday            1:00-4:00pm.
     * Matt and Andrea's residence is in Warren College.

College Halls Administrative Assistant: Jo Ann McIntire
    *Office is A105 (Moore)
    *Contact (615) 875-9639
    *Office Hours 8-4:30 Monday-Friday

Graduate Fellow Rice Hall: Chelsea Flieger
     * Office is A105a (Moore) 
     * Office hours (Fall 2015) are Wednesday 9:30-11:00am, and Thursday 9:30-11:00am and 2:00-4:00pm

     * Contact Chelsea at for an appointment

Graduate Fellow Smith Hall: Brooke Thayer
     * Office is A105b (Moore)
     * Office hours (Spring 2016) are Tuesday 12:00-2:30pm
     * Contact Brooke at  for an appointment

Smith Hall Resident Advisers

Rice Hall Resident Advisers

Chukwukpee N. Jasmine L. (Head Resident)
Clark S. Joseph W.
Dean B. (Head Resident) Maureen D.
Kya J.  
Mackenzie S.  
Vivek S.