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Moore College Personnel

Quick Numbers
     * Area Maintenance Supervisor:
 Keith Belcher, A101b (Moore), (32)2-5601
     * VUPD: (32)2-2745 and (42)1-1911

Faculty Director of Moore College: Jim Lovensheimer is an associate professor of musicology at the Blair School of Music, has turned a life-long passion for musical theater of all kinds into the focus of his academic research and writing.
     * Professor Lovensheimer’s office is in A105 (Moore)
     * Drop-in office hours for students are TBA
     * Contact Professor Lovensheimer at for an appointment
     * Professor Lovensheimer's welcome to Moore
     * Moore about Professor Lovensheimer
     * Professor Lovensheimer’s residence is A502 (Moore)

College Halls Area Coordinator: Matt Sinclair
     * Office is A101c (Moore)
     * Contact (32)2-4691
     * Matt and Andrea's residence is in Warren

Graduate Fellow Rice Hall: Chelsea Flieger
     * Office is A105a (Moore) 
     * Drop-in office hours for students are TBA
     * Contact Chelsea at for an appointment

Graduate Fellow Smith Hall: Paco Payne
     * Office is A105b (Moore)
     * Drop-in office hours for students are TBA
     * Contact Paco at for an appointment

Resident Assistants

  Rice 1: Teddy Russell  (Head Resident of Rice Hall)
  Rice 2: Maureen Driscoll
  Rice 3: Joseph Wang
  Rice 4: Jasmine Lawrence

  Smith 1: Augie Phillips
  Smith 2: Vivek Shah
  Smith 3: Kya Jones
  Smith 4: Clark Stallings
  Smith 5: Melina Prentakis  (Head Resident of Smith Hall)
  Smith 6: Dean Balaes