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Warren College Student Governance

The mission of the Warren College Council will be to serve as a representative body, through appointment and/or election, of Warren College and seek to fulfill the needs of the community. This body will serve as a liaison between residents, staff members, the Warren Faculty Director, and resident advisers.
Warren College Council Constitution

Student governance at Warren College involves internal governance and programming, in large part implemented by the Warren College Council, as well as Warren College representation within the larger Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG), implemented through a single popularly-elected individual. The missions of internal-to-Warren governance and external-to-Warren representation are clearly related, but distinct.

The sitting Executive Board councilmembers of Warren College for 2015-2016 are

Council Chair: Linzie F. Bogan, II (Sr)
Programming Chair: Alexandra Griffin (Jr)
Communications Chair: Audrianna Irving (Jr)
Finance Chair: TBD
Public Relations Chair: TBD

The Warren College Council can initiate committees and other working groups, choose methods for selecting the members of these groups from the Warren (and larger) community, convene town hall meetings, and more. For full details on the capabilities and responsibilities of the Council, please visit the Warren College Council Constitution.

Students are encouraged to make their ideas known about Warren College’s future by talking to their councilmembers, their Resident Assistants (RAs), their Graduate Fellows (GFs) and their Faculty Director during office hours or other times.

2015-2016 Student Governance Structure 

The Warren College Council governance structure includes a five person Executive Board which is elected in the Spring, and a cohort of members-at-large, which consists of a maximum of five people, and is elected in the Fall. The Warren College VSG Representative is also a sitting and voting member of the Council, bringing the total potential number of councilmembers to 11.

The Council is convened weekly by the Council Chair, and is advised by the college’s Graduate Fellows (GF) and Head Residents (HR). The GFs and HRs are ex officio, non-voting members of the council, who provide input on logistics, budget, and policy.  In 2015-2016 the Council will be advised by Shawn Albert, Grace Chee, Nick Dressler, and Siham Mouahid. The Warren College Council Executive Board meets with the Faculty Director once a month.

Warren College Council Election (Fall 2015)

The following is taken from the Warren College Council Constitution, which was ratified by Warren College residents and thereafter adopted as the governing document for the Warren College Council in April 2015:

Section B: Fall Executive Board & Member-At-Large Elections

Sub-Section I: Fall Semester Timeline
The fall election process will begin during the first fourteen days of the semester with a Warren Pre-Election Information Meeting and release of the candidate application packet, due seven days post-release. During the following week, application review will be conducted by the Area Coordinator and Faculty Director, with decisions released five days post-due date. During the following  week, elections will be organized by Head Residents and Graduate Fellows.The election survey will be open to all Warren College residents for forty-eight hours and will open seventy-two hours after application results are released. Warren College Residents may vote for one candidate for any Warren College Council member. Results will be announced twenty-four hours after polls close.

Sub-Section II:  Candidate Application
Paragraph A: Application Contents
The contents of the candidate application shall include a petition for candidacy requiring 30 signatures from Warren College Residents, a statement of candidacy of 250 words on desire and qualifications for position, and a resume with relevant experience for candidacy.

Paragraph B: Review
The Area Coordinator and Faculty Director will screen for those candidates qualified by relevant previous experience, demonstrated interest, completed petition, and past council performance (if applicable).

Sub-Section III: Election Structure
The Graduate Fellows and Head Residents will utilize Anchor Link Election Forms sent via email to Warren College listserv (Graduate Fellow) and posted to all Warren College social media (Head Resident). The election survey will be open to all Warren College residents for forty-eight hours and will open seventy-two hours after application results are released.Warren College Residents may vote for three candidates. Results will be announced twenty-four hours after polls close, where the five candidates with the most votes will assume the positions.

Sub-Section IV: Campaign Rules
Formal campaigning will not be permitted. Voting decisions are to be made upon prior knowledge of candidates and statement of candidacy, which shall be distributed to Warren College residents twenty-four hours after release of application results and included in the Anchor Link election survey. Negative campaigning of any kind will be cause for removal from the elections process, with final discretion held by the Faculty Director.