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Moore College Student Governance

Student governance at Moore College involves internal governance and programming, in large part implemented by two hall councils of student representatives, one each for Rice and Smith, as well as Moore College representation within the larger Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG), implemented through a single popularly-elected individual. The two missions of internal-to-Moore governance and external-to-Moore representation are clearly related, but distinct.

The Moore College student representative to VSG for 2014-2015 is Elizabeth "E.B." Armstrong.

With regard to internal governance and programming, the mission of the Rice Hall Council and the Smith Hall Council, is to collect and represent the sentiments of their respective halls regarding (a) goals for and ideas about hall and college programming; (b) recommendations for assessing the quality of Moore College programming; and (c) recommending guidelines for use of hall resources.

The hall councils of Moore College for 2014-2015 are

Rice Hall Council
Anderson Monken (So)
Reneé Zhu (Jr)
Jordan Jackson (Sr)
Smith Hall Council
Eliza Gilbert (So)
Rebekah Smith (Jr)
Carly Mecl (Sr)
At-Large Member
Chukwukpee Nzegwu (So)
Elizabeth Ortlieb (Sr)

Each council will be regularly convened by the Head Resident (HR) and Graduate Fellow (GF) of the hall; the GF and HR are ex officio, non-voting members of the council, who will advise on logistics, budget, and policy.  In 2014-2015 the Rice Hall Council will be convened by Chelsea Flieger and Teddy Russell; the Smith Hall Council will be convened by Paco Payne and Melina Prentakis.

For college-level governance, representatives from each hall council will come together in one consultative body (Moore College Executive Board) that also includes the 2 GFs and 2 HRs. The consultative body meets with the Faculty Director (FD) at least once monthly. The Moore College representative to the VSG is also invited to the meetings of the Executive Board as an ex officio, non-voting member.

The mission of the Moore College Executive Board is to merge, synthesize, prune and elaborate the recommendations of the two councils on programming, policy, and assessment, to decide on some of these matters; and to make recommendations on others to the FD, the College Halls area coordinator (AC), and their supervisors. Hall councils and the Moore College Executive Board can initiate committees and other working groups, choose methods for selecting the members of these groups from the entire Moore College (and larger) community, convene town hall meetings, and the like.

Students are encouraged to make their ideas known about Moore College’s future by talking to their hall council representatives, their Resident Assistants (RAs), their Graduate Fellows (GFs) and their Faculty Director (FD). Students can also directly submit (programming, governance) ideas through Anchorlink at, or simply go to Anchorlink and select "Forms" on the left sidebar on the College Halls organization page.