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Moore College Student Governance

Student governance at Moore College consists of ten members, including three sophomores, three juniors, and three seniors, as well as one Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) representative. 

The Moore Student Governance is charged to represent Moore College and to act in the collective interest of Moore College residents by promoting social and academic programming within a safe environment throughout Moore College.

Moore Student Governance meets once a week in the Moore Great Room. These meetings will be used to discuss upcoming events, as well as to plan future events for the College. Moore College residents are welcome to attend. Meeting times will be announced in mid-September.

The Constitution of Moore Student Governance includes additional information regarding meetings, elections, and membership requirements, duties, and expectations. 

2015-2016 Application/Election Information


August 26th at 6pm Peer Nominations and Applications Open
August 29th at Noon Peer Nominations Close
September 2nd at Noon Applications Close
September 3rd at Noon Anchor Link Voting Opens
September 7th at 5pm Anchor Link Voting Closes
September 8th Winners Announced
September 11th from 3-5pm First Meeting
Nominations and Applications

Students have the option to self-nominate by completing the required application. Alternatively, any student in Moore College can nominate a fellow resident as a candidate for MSG. Nominees will then receive an email with an invitation to apply. This application is an opportunity for us to get to know applicants better. Please provide thoughtful responses, but know that this should take no longer than half an hour.

Click here to nominate someone.

Click here to apply (self-nominate).

The application can also be found on the College Halls Anchor Link page under "Forms." 

Review Process

After the application deadline (September 2nd at Noon) has passed, the Faculty Director, Area Coordinator, and Graduate Fellows for Moore College will review applications, narrowing the pool of candidates eligible for election. The FD, AC, and GFs will screen for those candidates qualified by relevant previous experience, demonstrated interest, and completed application. 


Upon review, students will be invited to vote in the Moore Student Governance 2015-2016 Election. All residents of Moore College will be allowed to vote for up to three sophomores, three juniors, and three seniors, regardless of their class standing. The three students with the highest percentage of votes in each year (sophomore/junior/senior) will be elected to Moore Student Governance. 

Important Information for Applicants

Time Commitment 

Moore Student Governance typically meets for one hour per week at a time determined by members' schedules. MSG members are expected to be at every meeting (on time), unless exempt by a Graduate Fellow.

The first MSG meeting will be on Friday, September 11th from 3-5pm. Please keep this time free if you plan to apply for Moore Student Governance as all MSG members must attend.

MSG members should expect to spend another 1-4 hours per week planning, preparing for, or attending MSG events, depending on the week. 

MSG Duties

There is no leader in Moore Student Governance. All members sit in equal standing and are expected to play a leadership role within the council. Meetings are led by MSG representatives in rotation, with Graduate Fellows serving as advisors. 

All members will be tasked with planning and developing social and academic programming for the Moore College community. Tasks will be assigned during weekly meetings. In executing these programs, members will also be expected to attend programs planned by Moore Student Governance. 

MSG members are expected to act as liaisons and advocates between Moore residents interested in developing College-scale programming and the Moore Student Governance (and Graduate Fellows) in order to better foster an environment of student engagement.

Last, MSG members are expected to assist with advertising, especially the promotion of events in Warren and Moore, to members of the Moore College community through word of mouth.