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Four year old American Bulldog needs loving home

Lulu is a four and a half years old American Bulldog. She is crate trained. She rarely chews things other than her toys and she doesn't suffer from separation anxiety. She is housetrained. She loves to ride in the car but spends most of the day and all evening napping! She is a real love - very loving and affectionate. She would love to be a constant companion keeping her family company through the day but is fine if left to herself for a few hours. She loves and has lived with cats  and dogs. Her favorite things: her person, getting her tummy rubbed, her bed and treats! She really doesn't require much exercise - a walk in the morning after breakfast and again at night after dinner. She will chase a tennis ball and she loves to run for a minute or two off leash but she needs to be an indoor dog. She is good with kids and likes pretty much everyone.  She is smart - she already knows Sit, Stay, Shake, Come and Down. For more information or to meet Lulu in person please contact Kris at

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