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The myVU Classified ads are for students, faculty, staff and alumni to post advertisements. Ads from realtors or other outside sources will not be accepted.

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All fields are required.

We request that you include a Vanderbilt e-mail address to verify that you are faculty, staff, student or alumni. Alumni without an e-mail address may contact to discuss. Any ad without a Vanderbilt e-mail will not be accepted.

We require that you provide a NON-VANDERBILT email address which will be used for communications regarding this classifieds posting.

Do NOT use all caps. Descriptions will be edited to 50 words or less.

e.g. If the item you are listing is available on Amazon, Walmart, etc., you may provide the URL to the product page for more information.

Include contact information you want readers to use in addition to the personal email address above. (You MAY NOT use your Vanderbilt e-mail or phone number. You MUST use personal contact information.)

Would you like to add photos to your listing?

We do not support image uploads. However, if you upload your image(s) to a free image hosting service like PostImage, we do allow you to include the URL(s) for up to six images below.

The URLS MUST be straight to the image file itself and end in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp or .png. (e.g.

See screenshot below highlighting the correct URL to copy.

Each image URL you enter will display a preview below the textbox after you enter it. If you get a broken image preview, that means the URL you have entered is not in the correct format (a link straight to the image - ending in .jpg, .gif, ,etc,)

Photo 1 URL
Photo 2 URL
Photo 3 URL
Photo 4 URL
Photo 5 URL
Photo 6 URL

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