São Paulo Language Program

Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Summer Program in São Paulo, July 13 – 25th, 2015

This intensive academic program is organized by Tulane, Vanderbilt, and Emory universities with the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP).  The program is open to both graduates and undergraduates and is eligible for students with Summer FLAS fellowships.  Students have the opportunity to earn 6-7 credits and will take one Portuguese language course (two levels are offered) taught by PUC-SP faculty, and a Brazilian culture course taught by Tulane/Vanderbilt and/or Emory faculty.

Most students stay with host families in São Paulo for a total Portuguese immersion experience.  São Paulo, the largest metropolis in South America, is an exciting center for fine arts, theater, music and cultural life. This city is a medley of Brazilians from the country’s 26 states and from multiple ethnic groups, which makes for an exciting mix of traditions and fabulous food on every street.

Courses Offered

Students will be required to take one language course and either LAST 3130 or PORT 6130.

PORT 6130 (3 credits): Brazilian Cultural Imaginaries will focus on history, cultural practices, and social formations of metropolitan São Paulo, and will introduce students to key political and economic developments that have influenced contemporary society. Taught in Portuguese by Tulane faculty. *Enrollment in PORT 6130 for non-FLAS fellows is subject to instructor approval.

LAST 3130 (3 credits): Contemporary Brazilian Culture and Society is an interdisciplinary exploration of culture, history, social structure, and institutions of Brazilian society. Emphasis is placed on tracing relationships among government, religion, economy, and politics, as well as cultural forms such as literature, performance, arts, music, and film. Taught in English by CET faculty.

PORT 1120 (4 credits): Intensive Portuguese is an intensive introduction to Portuguese language with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills designed to quickly prepare students for more advanced study of language, literature, and culture. Taught by CET faculty.

PORT 2030 (4 credits): Intensive Intermediate Portuguese reviews fundamental skills of the Portuguese language and introduces Brazilian literature and culture through plays, short stories, and film. Taught by PUC-SP faculty.

PORT 3040 (3 credits):Grammar and Writing in Portuguese will involve analysis and practice in the written language. Taught by PUC-SP faculty.

Program Eligibility and Credits

Student applicants must be in good academic standing and have at least a current cumulative grade point average of 2.5. At least one semester/course of Portuguese language is required. Non-Tulane students are welcome to apply, but should confirm with their home university that their credits will transfer. All students enroll in two courses for a total of 6-7 credits.

The cost of the six-week program is $7,000:

$2000 for housing, meals, and activities

$5000 for tuition

The program cost includes 6-7 Tulane credits (transferable to Vanderbilt), Brazilian family home stays, one meal per day, medical insurance, and specialized group tours and excursions. Airfare, incidental costs, registration fee with Federal Police of Brazil (approximately $120.00), and extra meals and expenses are not included in the program cost.


Program Application Deadline is February 27, 2015. If you plant to apply for a FLAS Fellowship, please note that the FLAS deadline is February 20, 2015.  Application fee can be waived for FLAS Fellowship applicants.  Contact Laura Wise for more information.

For more information and to download application forms please click here.

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