Joint LL.M/M.A. Degree in Latin American Studies

Joint LL.M/M.A. Degree in Latin American Studies

Vanderbilt University has a joint degree program in Law and Latin American Studies (LL.M. / M. A. in Latin American Studies), which is structured as follows:

  • A student may enter the LL.M./M.A. in Latin American Studies joint degree program by being accepted by both the Law School and the Graduate School.
  • The requirements for this program and the degree include: 11 hours course work in the Law School and 24 hours course work in Latin American Studies
  • A thesis for 6 credit hours

Students will normally pursue their course work over the first three semesters, devoting the bulk of their time in the fourth semester of study to the completion of the thesis. Students will be enrolled in each school for two of the four semesters.

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