Certificate in Latin American Studies

Certificate in Latin American Studies

The Center for Latin American Studies offers graduate students from different departments and schools at Vanderbilt the opportunity to complete a Certificate in Latin American Studies. The Certificate allows students to document their regional specialization by earning the Certificate, which is awarded in conjunction with their M.A. or Ph.D. The LAS Certificate also encourages graduate students to study outside of their disciplinary specialization.

Certificate Requirements for College of Arts and Science and Divinity School

The Certificate program requires a minimum of 15 hours of formal course work in Latin American Studies as listed in the Graduate Catalog. Course work must be spread over at least two disciplines, no more than 9 hours coming from any one discipline, although we strongly encourage students to take as wide of a range of courses as possible.

In addition, the Certificate requires demonstrated conversational or reading proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, or an indigenous Latin American language. Proficiency may be demonstrated by 1) satisfactory completion of intermediate level course work in the language or 2) an oral or written exam to be administered by the Center. If a student chooses the second option, he/she should contact the Center well in advance to arrange an examination.

Certificate Requirements for Peabody College of Education

A certificate in Latin American studies is awarded to M.Ed. and Ph.D. students in the Peabody College of Education upon completion of at least 6 hours of course work in and a project relating to Latin American Studies and demonstration of language competence. Click here for more information on this certificate.

Students planning to complete the Certificate in Latin American Studies should declare their intent by contacting the Associate Director for Graduate Studies, Helena Simonett: helena.simonett@vanderbilt.edu at the Center for Latin American Studies.

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