Faculty Curriculum Development Awards

Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies

Faculty Curriculum Development Awards

CLAS awards funding each year to 1-2 faculty to develop new courses or expand existing courses.  FCDA funds are to be used towards travel, research or the creation of instructional supplies that will be used to develop new curriculum materials or new courses.  These awards are preferably paid as summer salaries; if that is not possible they may be paid as reimbursement for expenses.  In the latter case, the recipient should submit receipts to Norma clearly stating that they are for FCDA expenses.  FCDA funds must be used within one year of their receipt.

Faculty interested in applying for this award should send an email to Ted Fischer (edward.f.fischer@vanderbilt.edu) and Avery Dickins de Girón (avery.dickins-degiron@vanderbilt.edu) describing the project by  early spring semester or sooner.

Guidelines for Use of Federal NRC Funds

  1. NRC funds may not be used for food, beverages or per diem expenses.  They should be used to pay costs for transport (airfare, car rentals/travel, taxis and any other ground transport), lodging, instructional supplies, room rental fees and service fees.
  2. The following information is needed by Alma Paz-Sanmiguel to process all payments: name of payee, address, payee phone number, employee ID or social security number (please do not send SSN via email; call Alma at 615-322-2527), and purpose/service of payment.  Contact: alma.paz-sanmiguel@vanderbilt.edu.
  3. For both domestic and international travel, a Vanderbilt travel form must be filled out by the traveler and submitted to Alma Paz-Sanmiguel.  If international travel is involved, a travel request must also be submitted to the Department of Education through Alma.  This request must be approved by the Department of Education BEFORE purchasing airfare.  Travel must be on US carriers only.
  4. Individuals without US social security numbers who receive honoraria or payment for services are likely liable to pay US taxes.  This is dependent on the country of citizenship; please contact Vanderbilt International Office for assistance with this: ito@vanderbilt.edu.  This does not apply for payments to individuals performing services outside of the United States.
  5. Graduate students who are on university stipends may not receive any additional income for services during the academic year.  They may receive payments in the summer interim.

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