Sociology Faculty

Sociology Faculty

Joe Bandy (email)
Assistant Director, Center for Teaching; Affiliated Faculty, Department of Sociology (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara).  Analysis of efforts to address social problems caused by export processing and free trade on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tony Brown (email)
Associate Professor of Sociology (Ph.D., Michigan).  Racial and ethnic relations, social psychology, sociology of mental health; focus on Brazil.

Daniel Cornfield (email)
Professor of Sociology (Ph.D., University of Chicago).  Principal Investigator for Immigrant Community Assessment of Nashville,Tennessee commissioned by the Mayor of Nashville; includes a study of Nashville’s large and growing community of Latin American immigrants.

Katharine M. Donato (email)
Professor of Sociology, Chair (Ph.D., SUNY–Stony Brook).  International migration between Mexico and the United States, social determinants of health, immigrants in the U.S. economy, ethic and gender stratification.

David Hess (email)
Professor of Sociology, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Ph.D., Cornell University).  Sociology of local sustainability, sociology of health and environmental science; focus on Brazil.

Mariano Sana (e-mail)
Associate Professor of Sociology (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania).  International Migration, survey data collection, development, Latin America, globalization.


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