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The United Mexican States is a federal republic in North America.  With a population of over 120 million people, it is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world.  Its position as the United States’ closest neighbor has shaped Mexico’s economy and social fabric for centuries.

Lesson Plans

PDF Ballet Folklórico: An Introduction (Mexico)
PDF Corridos and Al Otro Lado Curriculum Guide
PDF Day of the Dead (Mexico)
Booklet Mérida, Mexico: An Educational Journey (Lesson Plans)
PDF Mexico Road Rally (Activity)
PDF Mexico Virtual Field Trip
Booklet The Amazing Twins Discussion Guide
DOC Wetback: Lesson Plan

CLAS Lending Library Resources

DVD Al Otro Lado (2005)
DVD Ballet Folklórico Nacional (Mexico)
DVD Black in Latin America (2011)
DVD Bordertown (Mexico, 2006)
PDF Calendar and Math
DVD Cracking the Maya Code (2008)
Book Day of the Dead (Mexico)
Book Exploring Art of the Ancient Americas
Book Fiesta: Days of the Dead & Other Mexican Festivals
Book Frida Kahlo (Mexico)
DVD Hablamos Español (2009)
DVD Hacemos Fiesta! Let
Book Hechos de Yucatán (Mexico)
Book Latin American Art of the 20th Century
Map Map of Mexico
Book Mexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs
Book Mexico: The Struggle for Democratic Development
Book Modern Latin America
Magazine Mysteries of the Maya
Book Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book of the Maya
Booklet The Amazing Twins Discussion Guide
Book The Ancient American World
Book The Heart that Bleeds: Latin America Now
Book The Mexicans: A Personal Portrait of a People
Book Yucatán: Before and After the Conquest

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT Apocalypse Now?
PPT Art of the Mexican Revolution
PDF Día de los Muertos: An Introduction
PPT Do Indigenous Groups Disappear?
PPT Maya Cosmology, Ritual and Religion
PPT Maya Hieroglyphs, Calendars, and Math
PPT Maya Math and the Calendar
PPT Mexico Virtual Field Trip
PDF Narco-Music
PPT Retablo Studen Project Part I
PPT Retablo Student Project Part II
PPT Retablos: Miracles on the Border (Mexico)
PPT Song, Dance and Nation in Modern Mexico
PPT The Ancient Maya (Part I)
PPT The Ancient Maya (Part II)
PPT The Use of Public Space in Mexico
PPT Weaving in Oaxaca - Lessons from Teotitlán del Valle
PPT Wetback: Images for Reflection