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Modern Indigenous Societies

While the indigenous peoples of Latin America were the original inhabitants of the region, they have suffered persecution and maltreatment since the arrival of the conquistadores.  Since that time, a struggle for their land and their rights has been ongoing.  Many indigenous societies continue to thrive in contemporary Latin America, with a myriad of cultures and languages. In Guatemala alone, more than 20 indigenous languages are spoken.

Lesson Plans

PPT Combating Stereotypes Powerpoint
DOC Lesson Plan - Combatting Stereotypes (Spanish)

CLAS Resources

Book I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala
DVD La Camioneta (Guatemala, 2012)

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT Ancient Symbols and Modern Cultures of the Americas
PPT Apocalypse Now?
PPT Do Indigenous Groups Disappear?
PPT Song, Dance and Nation in Modern Mexico
PPT Weaving in Oaxaca - Lessons from Teotitlán del Valle