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The Caribbean is comprised of over 700 islands, including the nations of Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Each country has its own unique and multi-faceted history, shaped in various ways by its location between continents.

Lesson Plans

PPT Al banco - Dominican Republic Exchange Project
Booklet Maestra Film Discussion Packet
PDF Qué Hacen los Dominicanos: Lesson Plans
PPT Qué hacen los dominicanos?
PPT Slavery in the Dominican Republic
PDF Transportation in the Dominican Republic
PPT Vamos al mercado
PPT Vamos de Compras
PDF Webquest - Dominican Republic
PDF ¿Dónde estoy en la República Dominicana?

CLAS Resources

DVD A Bridge Over the River (Cuba, 2009)
Book Afro-Latin America: 1800-2000
DVD Black in Latin America (2011)
Book Castro: Second Edition
Book Dancing with Cuba
Book Dominican Republic: A National History
Book In the Time of the Butterflies
DVD Maestra (Cuba, 2012)
DVD Race (Raza): A Cuban Documentary in Colors (2008)
Book The Atlantic Slave Trade: Second Edition
Book The Feast of the Goat (Dominican Republic)
Book The History of Cuba
Book The Kingdom of This World
DVD Viva Cuba (2005)

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT Images of Afro-Cuban History
PPT Qué hacen los dominicanos?
PPT The Afro-Caribbean Diaspora in Panama
PPT The Era of Trujillo
PPT Vamos de Compras
PDF Vamos de Compras Powerpoint Text