Feb 27 2014

Study Abroad Programs to Latin America

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Vanderbilt offers a number of programs for undergraduate students to study abroad in Latin America through both semester and summer programs. The Global Education Office (GEO) administers programs to Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Santiago and Valparaiso), Dominican Republic (Santiago), and Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro); recently added programs in Fortaleza, Brazil, and in Chile offer research-oriented experiences.

Summer programs to Latin America include the Vanderbilt Initiative in Scholarship and Global Education (VISAGE) to Guatemala and Costa Rica, a new Costa Rica course, and occasional Maymesters. 2014 Maymesters give students the opportunity to study in Brazil or Peru through Spanish 204: “Cultural Studies in the Andes (Cuzco, Machu Piccu, and Lima)” or Earth and Environmental Studies 210: “From Volcanoes to Rainforest: Geology and Ecology in Southern Brazil.” Each year, CLAS also offers Portuguese language study in Brazil through the Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Summer Program in São Paulo, and the study of K’iche’ Mayan in Guatemala through our Mayan Language Institute.

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