Feb 27 2014


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LAPOP commenced the sixth round of AmericasBarometer in January 2014, which followed an extensive round of pretesting of the survey instrument in 27 countries in the Americas. Data collection, for the majority of countries, occurs via smartphone—collecting nearly 50,000 interviews across 27 countries. LAPOP is preserving many of its historic batteries for across time comparison, but LAPOP is also introducing new questions on the survey covering the following topics: state capacity, violence, clientelism and voting, and sports as social capital. LAPOP expects data collection to be completed by mid-year 2014 and will again release the data, free of charge, to the public.

In addition to preparing and executing the 2014 round, LAPOP and its affiliates have been busy publishing, presenting at conferences, and developing Insights reports (for more information, see lapopsurveys.org) on LAPOP’s AmericasBarometer data. Highlights among the many presentations featuring LAPOP data include a panel discussion in November 2013 at the Observatorio de la Democracia at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), where Mitchell Seligson (Vanderbilt University), Miguel García Sánchez (Universidad de los Andes), Juan Carlos Rodríguez Raga (Universidad de los Andes), and Darío Vargas (communications consultant) participated in a panel discussion highlighting the results of LAPOP’s national survey on public perceptions of the peace process in Colombia. In terms of reports that appeared in 2013, LAPOP is especially proud of the extensive use of LAPOP data within the recent UNDP Human Development Report on “Seguridad ciudadana con rostro humano: diagnóstico y propuestas para América Latina.”

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