Feb 27 2014


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In fall 2013, CLAS Outreach impacted over 35,000 with programming, including K–12 teacher workshops, educator conferences, curriculum, classroom speakers, films, and cultural events.

K–12 teachers took weekly Portuguese classes led by graduate student Steve Wenz (Spanish and Portuguese) that included teletandem sessions with teachers in Brazil. Several presented at the regional World Language Conference on ways to explore the language and culture of Brazil in the K–12 classroom; presentations at regional and national conferences will follow.

CLAS and Tulane again co-coordinated the Américas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature at the Library of Congress in September 2013. Over 40 D.C. area teachers attended this year’s teacher workshop, which focused on ways to include Latin American and Latino children’s literature into the K–12 classroom.

CLAS and Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary School offered a workshop on strategies for K–8 language teachers.

Partnering with the Nashville Public Library, CLAS premiered the marionette performance The Amazing Twins: Ancient Maya Tales from the Popol Wuj, created interdisciplinary curriculum for distribution to teachers, and organized educational sessions at Wright Middle School.

CLAS had major impact on Cheekwood’s Día de los Muertos festival, organizing educator workshops and new educational activities, such as the showing of the Pupol Wuj marionette show, for the annual celebration.

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