Feb 27 2014

Faculty Publications

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Marshall Eakin (History), “The Emergence of Brazil on the World Stage,” Latin American Research Review 48:3 (2013): 221-230.

Earl Fitz (Spanish and Portuguese), “Lima Barreto and Gender: An Inter-American Perspective” Lima Barreto: New Critical Perspectives, ed. Lamonte Aidoo and Daniel Silva (Lexington Books, 2013).

Jane Landers (History), “The Atlantic Travels of Francisco Menéndez and his Free Black ‘Subjects,’” Biography and the Black Atlantic, ed. Lisa A. Lindsay and John Wood Sweet (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013). “The African Landscape of 17th Century Cartagena and its Hinterlands,” The Black Urban Atlantic in the Age of the Slave Trade (The Early Modern Americas), ed. Jorge Cañizares-Ezguerra, James Sidbury and Matt D. Childs (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013).

William Luis (Spanish and Portuguese), Looking Out, Looking In: Anthology of Latino Poetry. (Houston: Arte Público Press, 2013).

Paul B. Miller (French and Italian), “I Hear Therefore I Know: Post-Dictatorial Traumatic Expression and Death and the Maiden,” Studies in American Jewish Literature 32:2 (2012): 121-140.

Benigno Trigo (Spanish and Portuguese), Kristeva’s Fiction New York: SUNY Press, 2013. “Clemente Pereda: el gran ayunador; Entrevista a Clemente Pereda Berríos,” Exégesis: Revista de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao 26:73 (2013): 40-48. “On Kristeva’s Fiction,” Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 21:1 (2013): 60-82. “Peacemaker: The Foraker Act and the Poetry of Evaristo Ribera Chevremont,” Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 47:2 (2013): 199-221.

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