Feb 27 2014

Faculty News

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Tom Bogenschild (Latin American Studies, Global Education Office) chaired a panel in November 2013 at the CIEE conference in Minneapolis entitled “Credit Wars: Integration and Dis-Integration in the Study Abroad Curriculum.”

Celso Castilho (History) presented a paper in February 2014 at a Rice University Symposium “Race and Nation in the Age of Emancipations: A Symposium on the Atlantic World.” The title of the paper is “Narrating Abolition, Making Blackness: Race, Republicanism, and Political Belonging in Recife, Brazil 1888-1889.”

Paula Covington (Latin American Studies) attended the Feria Internacional de Libros in December 2013, which took place in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Tom Dillehay (Anthropology) received several grants including a National Science Foundation grant for research on Mapuche Polity Development in Chile; a National Geographic Society grant for research at Monte Verde, Chile; a CONICYT grant for cultural patrimony grant in Chile; and a National Science Foundation grant for analysis of data from Huaca Prieta, Peru.

Earl Fitz (Spanish and Portuguese) presented “Sexuality and Humor in Clarice Lispector’s Denunciation of the Brazilian Dictatorship: The Case of‘A Via Crucis do Corpo” in October 2013 at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association in Vancouver, WA.

Elizabeth Heitman (Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society) presented ways to integrate education on research ethics and scientific integrity into the graduate science curriculum to the administration of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) on December 4–7.

Jane Landers (History) traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in October 2013 to present a paper entitled The First Maroon Wars in the Americas: Hispaniola in the Sixteenth Century,” at the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora conference. In October 2013, Landers served as historical consultant and was interviewed for the PBS documentary The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross.

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