Feb 27 2014

Boom Box Bikes: A Collaborative, Urban Sound Intervention

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In October, CLAS was co-sponsor of “Boom Box Bikes,” a unique collaborative public performance that culminated with a workshop and art intervention, a form of artistic expression where the public is confronted with art in everyday environments, rather than having art contained within a sanctioned space.

Professors Mark Hosford (Department of Art-Vanderbilt) and Mario Ramiro (Department of Visual Art and Communications-University of São Paulo) led students from various disciplines in group workshops creating the uniquely designed mobile stations. After completion, students rode through campus and various locations in Nashville with the bikes, having been transformed into mobile sound systems that became a moving mixing board.

Faculty and students created, sampled, mixed, and produced music and sounds in order to have a collaborative effect between each bicycle as they rode together and fanned apart. Sounds ranged from a recording session with the Vanderbilt VORTEX percussion ensemble , traditional rock and electronic music, to native bird recordings from Brazil.

The interdisciplinary project was part of a larger collaborative platform Conversations/Conversas, an initiative by Vanderbilt’s Department of Art and the School of Visual Art and Communications at University of São Paulo, which creates artistic connections between Nashville and São Paulo, Brazil. The goal of the project is to reflect on the legacy of modernist architecture, the future of urban imagination, and sustainability.


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