Oct 09 2013

VU Offers New Study Abroad Programs in Chile and Brazil

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The Global Education Office has announced the approval of eight new study abroad programs, including two programs in Chile and one in Brazil. Students enrolled in Chile: Comparative Education and Social Change will focus on educational systems in urban in rural areas of Chile and Argentina. By learning from cross-sections of experts from both countries, students will gain understanding of the forces affecting those countries’ educational policies and will consider the application of popular education as a tool for social change. Another program, Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice and Community Development, examines the challenges facing Chile’s indigenous peoples from the perspectives of indigenous communities and explores links between international images of a successful economic model and the deep social inequalities expressed in class, gender, and racial discrimination. Students learn firsthand about local community responses to Chile’s socio-economic changes and witness the debate between truth, justice, and reconciliation in the context of the human rights violations during the Pinochet regime. The program is based in the seaport city of Valparaíso and neighboring Viña del Mar.

Vanderbilt partners with the School for International Training to offer students a new interdisciplinary program of study in Brazil. Students enrolled in Brazil: Social Justice and Sustainable Development will examine critical issues of social justice and sustainable development in northeastern Brazil, including issues related to emancipation struggles of different populations, economic and social issues, gender and race issues, and human rights. Based in Fortaleza in Northeastern Brazil, the program includes excursions to other areas within the state of Ceara to provide a more complete picture of the country.

For more information on GEO programs in Latin America, go to webapp.mis.vanderbilt.edu/studioabroad

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