Oct 09 2013

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In April and May, LAS Bibliographer Paula Covington made three book purchasing trips to Latin America (Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru). She was able to review and purchase portions of a special collection in Bolivia of retrospective Andean materials. Most purchases on these trips were new and older materials relating to the library’s Guatemalan and Andean interests in anthropology, history, and archaeology.

The library has been digitizing a portion of the Manuel Zapata Olivella collection called the Voz de los Abuelos Project. It includes transcriptions of Colombian oral history interviews covering ethnographic, anthropological, and cultural information. Eventually the website will contain the interviews, transcriptions, tapes, and photographs.

The library is now hosting the website LAPTOC, a searchable database of tables of contents of more than 900 journals from 1994–2009 from 29 countries that includes references to over 340,000 journal articles. This collaborative effort was intended to provide awareness of Latin American journals not widely held in the U.S. and can be found at: laptoc.library.vanderbilt.edu/query/basic_search.jsp

The library has instituted new Dean’s Fellows internships that we hope will result in greater digital worldwide access to the library’s unique Colombian collections, especially the Zapata Olivella and Helguera collections.

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