Oct 09 2013


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Every two years LAPOP conducts the most extensive survey of public opinion throught the Americas. The resulting LAPOP AmericasBarometer gives incredible insights into individuals’ experiences of democracy, security, and other topics across the region. In 2012, the project’s special focus was on marginalized groups, and LAPOP analyses have formed the foundation of numerous presentations and reports, including the 2012 comparative and country reports and a number of Insights reports (all are available at lapopsurveys.org).


In a recent Topical Brief Insights report, Fernanda Boidi examined same-sex marriage approval in Uruguay, while putting the region into a comparative perspective on this issue. The figure below shows average levels of support for gay marriage as seen in the 2012 LAPOP surveys. It is noteworthy that the countries at the top of the chart have laws allowing same-sex marriage at either the national (Canada, Uruguary, and Argentina) or subnational level (United States, Brazil, and Mexico). At the other end of the chart, we find a number of Carribean countries with extremely low support for same-sex marriage in Haiti and Jamaica.

Figure 1. Approval of Same-Sex Couples Having the Right to Marry in the Americas 2012

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