Oct 09 2013

CLAS Alumni News

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Patrick Aucoin (M.A. 2012) is living in Brooklyn, New York, where he works as an analyst focusing on Latin America for Selerity, a real-time financial information and media company.

Kevin Carlucci (M.A. 2006) lives in Austin, Texas, where he works for Climate Change & Urban Service. Kevin’s role in the organization has transitioned from proposal writing to fieldwork focused on decision-making methods for adaptation to climate change. He is working on a proposal now for the World Wildlife Fund.

Jared Howard (M.A. 2012) is in Washington, D.C. working at the Defense Intelligence Agency as a specialist in Latin American political-military issues. He and his family plan on staying in D.C. through 2015, when he hopes to get an assignment in South America.

Ty West (M.A. 2010) has been appointed to a one-year position at Notre Dame in the Romance Languages Department.

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