Apr 04 2013

Guatemala Focus of CLAS Booth at Celebrate Nashville

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CLAS took part in the Celebrate Nashville Festival on October 6 in Centennial Park by hosting a booth on Guatemala. The most popular in the global village, the booth had people lined up throughout the day waiting to find out the meaning of their birthdate in the Mayan calendar. Pakal B’alam and his family organized this activity; CLAS and other graduate students assisted and helped explain the cultural significance of various Guatemalan items from the center’s culture box. Carlos Girón and Carmelina Espantzay represented Guatemala in the “wisdom circle,” where they shared their thoughts on local and international community issues. Thousands of people came out to enjoy the festival, designed to promote cultural awareness, celebrate diversity, and highlight the fact that more than fifty different cultures make their home in Nashville. The day was filled with food, music, dancing, and cultural discussions. Fifty-five musical groups participated in the day, including the drumming group of LAS student Charlie Gilbert.

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