Apr 04 2013

Faculty Profile – Emanuelle Oliveira-Monte, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

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Associate Professor of Luso-Brazilian Literature Emanuelle Oliveira-Monte studies Afro-Brazilian literature, race relations, the relationship between literature and politics, and popular culture. She teaches Portuguese language and literature courses, as well as seminars on Brazilian cinema and popular Brazilian culture. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Oliveira did her doctoral study at UCLA and has been at Vanderbilt since 2002. Since then she and other Portuguese faculty have worked closely with CLAS to build Vanderbilt’s Portuguese program into one of the top in the nation.

Oliveira’s first book, Writing Identity: The Politics of Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Literature (2007, Purdue), examines the intricate connections between literary production and political action by focusing on the Brazilian black movement and the literature of a São Paulo-based group of Afro-Brazilian writers, the Quilombhoje. Her current research project explores the representations of race vis á vis crime and violence in Brazilian literature and cinema, and will serve as the basis of her upcoming book, The Color of Crime: Representations of Race and Delinquency in Contemporary Brazilian Literature and Cinema.

Oliveira works closely with CLAS to put together events at Vanderbilt on Brazil, including a conference on human rights in Brazil in 2010, a film festival with director Beto Brant in 2012, and lectures by Eduardo de Assis Duarte and Conceição Evaristo this past fall.

Oliveira sits on the editorial boards for the Afro-Hispanic Review, Chasqui, and Transmodernity: Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic World. She is a member of the Luso-Brazilian section of the Modern Language Association and was the treasurer of the Brazilian section of the Latin American Studies Association. Professor Oliveira is a current member and former executive member of Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA).

Among her other publications are several articles: “An Ethic of Esthetic: Racial Representations in Brazilian Cinema Today” in Vanderbilt E-Journal of Luso-Hispanic Studies, “Revisitando o Cânone Brasileiro: Autores Negros Contemporâneos e Sua Re-interpretação Crítica da Poesia Negra no Modernismo” in Ethnos Brasil, and “O Gosto Amargo da Festa–Literatura e Momento Político no Brasil: 1960/1990” in Luso-Brazilian Review.

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