Apr 04 2013

Faculty News

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  • Arthur Demarest (Department of Anthropology) received a $90,000 research grant from the Alphawood Foundation for the Vanderbilt Cancuén Regional Archaeological Project. Located on the Passion River in northern Guatemala, Cancuén was an important trade route and has one of the largest and richest royal palaces known in the Maya world. Demarest recently won a National Geographic Society Research Exploration grant to excavate the ancient Maya site of Raxruja Viejo.
  • Katharine Donato (Department of Sociology) gave a keynote address at the Conference on Migrations between Africa and Europe in Paris and a lecture at the Poverty and Immigration Conference held at UC-Davis.
  • Marshall Eakin (Department of History) was the keynote speaker at the 62nd Annual Conference of the UF Center for Latin American Studies February 14–15, 2013. The conference, themed Emergent Brazil, highlights Brazil’s recent emergence as a global player in international economic and political affairs.
  • Ted Fischer (Department of Anthropology) delivered the Inter-American Lecture at the Inter-American Development Bank on October 4 on “The Once and Future Maya: Cultural Revival and Resurgence in the Modern World.” He also spoke on “The Middle Class in Emerging Markets” at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce in August.
  • Jane Landers (Department of History) was interviewed by Skip Gates for a new PBS documentary called The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. The documentary follows the earliest Africans to come to the Americas and runaway slaves from Carolina who were given freedom in Spanish Florida, Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose. Landers also participated with noted novelist and Vanderbilt alumnus Madison Smartt Bell on a panel on the slave revolt in Saint Domingue at the Southern Festival of Books.
  • Liz Zechmeister (Department of Political Science) received the Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from the College of Arts and Science in October.

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