Apr 04 2013

CLAS Alumni Updates

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  • Hamilton Bowman (M.A. 2003), a Latin American studies and Owen School of Management graduate, is the chief operating officer at EnableComp in Franklin, Tennessee. He and his wife of nine years have two beautiful daughters.
  • Jason Howard (B.A. 1999) is an agricultural commodity broker at American Commodities Brokerage Company in New York City. He works across all continents, except Antarctica, and uses Spanish and Portuguese daily in his job. After marrying a lovely woman from Brazil, he also uses Portuguese at home.
  • Matthew Layton (M.A. 2009) is a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department at Vanderbilt University. His areas of interest are comparative politics and American politics.
  • Kevin McDonald (B.A. 1978) is a partner at McDonald Lehner, an investment banking firm. He arranges mergers and acquisitions in Latin America. He recently published an article, “Salários dos Executivos em São Paulo são os Mais Altos do Mundo” in Investimentos e Notícias, a Brazilian publication.
  • Brian McNaughton (M.A. 1998) is currently serving as deputy commander for operations at Fort Sam Houston and U.S. Army South. This command has purview of all Army security cooperation activities with the U.S. partner-nation armies in Latin America. Last year, he adopted three siblings, which brought his grand total of children to eight.
  • Becky Reuse (M.A. 2011) recently accepted a job in as placement specialist for LASPAU (Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas) at Harvard University. LASPAU handles many scholarship and professional development programs including the Fulbright. In her position, Becky helps students who are accepted into the Ciênca sem Fronteiras program prepare, plan, and carry out the U.S. Ph.D. program application process.
  • Isabel Segovia (M.A. 1997) lives in Bogotá, Colombia. After working for the Ministry of Education in Colombia, as the director of access to education and later as the vice-minister, she has moved on to a nonprofit. She is currently working for La Fundación Compartir, one of the oldest and largest foundations in Colombia. The foundation works to construct houses and buildings for those affected by natural disasters and to build educational programs for the less privileged. In her personal life, she has a beautiful daughter.
  • Ellen Weirich (M.A. 2002) is teaching Spanish at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Brian Wortham (M.A. 2003) is the director of marketing at Dianne’s Fine Desserts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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