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Name Phone Email   Office Title
Andrzej Balinski 343-5589   5119-A SC Laboratory Manager
Jackie Brown 322-2581   7300A SC Administrative Assistant I
Grant Bubrig 343-6085   5430 SC Research Assistant I
Sandra Ford 322-8695   7332C SC Graduate Education Specialist
Robert Hayes 322-2585   7333C SC Executive Officer
Jerry Holman 875-8428   5401 SC Computer Programmer/Analyst I
Tommy Howe 322-2647   5503 SC Scientific Glassblower
Aleksandra Jankowiak 322-7053   5203 SC Laboratory Teaching Assistant
Clara Johnson 343-6938   7531 SC Senior Laboratory Teaching Assistant
Laura Johnson 875-6294   12435-AA MRB IV Administrative Assistant II
Tracy Johnson-Salyard 322-6072   7650 SC Research Assistant II
Scott Kelly 343-6719   7333D SC Grants Manager
Paulette Lynch 322-2581   7300A SC Manager, Chemistry Storeroom
Kristein Mason 322-7053   5203 SC Laboratory Teaching Assistant
Catherine McRen 322-2474   7333B SC Administrative Manager
Jeffrey Mendenhall 936-6594   5144F MRB III Programmer
Robert Padgett 322-2581   7300A SC Office Assistant IV
Magdalena Paszewska 322-0003   7332A SC Financial Officer
Shellie Richards 322-7957   7836 SC Research Administrator
Kelly Richardson 322-5516   7870 SC Research Assistant I
Pat Tellinghuisen 343-4379   5234 SC VSVS Coordinator
Leigh Thompson 343-6612   7332C SC Administrative Assistant III
Nancy Tiller 343-4371   7333E SC Assistant to the Chair
Heather Watkins 875-8341   7333F SC Program Manager
Rebekah Webster 322-4404   5430 SC Research Assistant I
Michael Willemain 343-9301   7332B SC Administrative Assistant I
Heidi Young 936-1198   7333G SC Administrative Assistant I
Xuan Zhang 936-6594   5128 MRB III Research Assistant I