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5/23/2016: Thomas Scherr selected to receive a Burroughs Wellcome Fund 2016 Collaborative Research Travel Grant for his project entitled: Mobile phones for objective malaria diagnosis and rapid reporting.

2/3/2016: Jody May and colleagues receive Thomson Reuters award for Analytical Chemistry manuscript as top 1% in citations

12/16/2015:  Jens Meiler receives Humboldt Foundation award

12/14/2015: Congratulations to Bian Li of the Meiler group who received a fellowship from the American Heart Association.

11/11/2015: John McLean invited speaker at R&D 100 Awards and Technology Forum - the "Oscars of invention"

9/8/2015: Craig Lindsley selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher

6/22/2015: Stacy Sherrod mentioned in FCW article "Organs the size of a smartphone screen"

6/15/2015: Brian Bachmann and John McLean mentioned in C&EN article "Bacterial Fight Club Produces New Metabolites"

6/1/2015: Craig Lindsley mentioned in Futurity article "HIV's sweet tooth may be its downfall" 

5/26/2015: Richard Caprioli receives VUMC Academic Enterprise Faculty Award

5/21/2015: Jens Meiler noted for his research in "'Redesigned' antibodies may control HIV: study"

5/15/2015: Jens Meiler mentioned in Reporter article "VU lands $9 million NIH grant to design better flu vaccines"

5/7/2015: Craig Lindsley mentioned as a leader of the VU group "investigating a possible new approach to treating schizophrenia"

5/5/2015:  Alexis Wong, Joseph Conrad, and David Wright were recently selected as Phase I Finalists for the Follow that Cell Challenge

5/1/2015:  Sandy Rosenthal was selected as the recipient of the Valparaiso University Alumni Association Distinguished Alumna Award this year. 

4/27/2015: Kyle Emmitte mentioned in a C&EN article "Scientists Search For Small Molecules To Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder" 

4/17/2015:  Professor Bachmann describes his cave natural product discovery program as part of an HBO VICE news story on antibiotic resistance

4/15/2015:  Professor Stephen Fesik mentioned in Nature article "Cancer: The Ras renaissance"

4/8/2015:  Alexander Geanes (Meiler Group) and Jade Bing (Johnston Group) selected to receive NSF research grant

2/15/2015: Professor Meiler, has been elected as a Chancellor Faculty Fellow

Mike Turo Awarded DOE Graduate Student Research (SCGSR)

Professor David Wright has been elected as an AAAS Fellow

Professor Townsend, "Studies the glycobiology of human milk"

Vanderbilt Chemistry Alumnus, Samantha Arnett, was featured in C&EN in an article entitled "State Department’s Biosecurity Engagement Program manager works to combat bioterrorism"

Congratulations to Noah Orfield (Rosenthal Group) and Darwin Fu (Meiler Group) for selection to participate in the first Federal STEM Policy and Advocacy Program

: Research by Prof. Stone and co-Workers Illuminates the Replication Bypass of Aflatoxin Adducts in Mammalian Cells

09/15/2014: C&EN published an article regarding Professor Lindsleys' research on "Small Molecules Help Reactivate Receptor Linked With Schizophrenia"