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Graduate Program

2013 Graduate Student
Front row, left to right: Kellie Nance, Sandra Ford, Robby Davis, Alex Geanes
Second row, left to right: Xuan Zhang (RA Jens Meiler), Brian Li, Christine Markwalter, Daniel Markwalter (VU Medical School) Katherine Martin (VU EE), John Hayes, James Dodds
Third row, left to right: Katelyn Rusch (Dorothy Ackerman’s cousin), Dorothy Ackerman, James Wepy, Jenny Benoy, Jake Lockhart, James Poland, Talitha Frecker, Anna Davis

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to welcome 16 new graduate students this fall, admitted from a pool of over 400 applicants. They come from 12 different states and 13 different undergraduate colleges and universities. Ten have been awarded fellowships from the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology. In addition to their outstanding achievements in Chemistry, they bring with them a wide range of extra-curricular activities and achievements. Welcome to Vanderbilt!

Vanderbilt awarded its first Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1879, beginning a strong tradition of preparing Vanderbilt chemists for some of the most competitive careers in science. Today, Vanderbilt is a leader in government and private research funding, enabling the Vanderbilt Department of Chemistry to engage graduate students in world-class research at state-of-the-art facilities.