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Joel B. Tellinghuisen

Title and Contact Information

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Office: 5521 SC
Phone: (615) 322-4873


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1969


Physical Chemistry
Chemical Physics
Biophysical Chemistry
Bioanalytical Chemistry



Chemical Physics, Physical Chemistry, Chemometrics
My research interests span a range of topics, from high-resolution optical spectroscopy of diatomic molecules to solution calorimetry. An underpinning theme of most of this work is the development of computational methods for interpreting and analyzing data, with attention to both research and pedagogical aspects of the primary tool for data analysis by physical scientists - the method of least squares.

My recent spectroscopic projects have included studies of direct fitting methods for both high- and low-resolution absorption and emission spectra, precise determination of absorption oscillator strengths, and the interplay between absorption spectrometry and equilibrium. The calorimetry work has focused on a better understanding of the method of isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), which has exploded in popularity in recent years as the method of choice for the study of binding and complexation.

These studies have practical applications in a number of areas. For example, ITC is widely used in the search for new pharmaceuticals. However, my work in these areas is strongly fundamental, hence truly "academic." As such, it is particularly appropriate for those interested in preparing for a career in education.


Selected Publications

Tellinghuisen, J., Spiess, A.N. Comparing real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction analysis methods for precision, linearity, and accuracy of estimating amplification efficiency. Analytical Biochemistry. 2013, 449 (0): 76-82.

Tellinghuisen, J. Designing isothermal titration calorimetry experiments for the study of 1:1 binding: Problems with the "standard protocol". Analytical Biochemistry. 2012, 424 (2): 211-220.

Tellinghuisen, J. Analysis of the Visible Absorption Spectrum of I(2) in Inert Solvents Using a Physical Model. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2012, 116 (1): 391-398.

Tellinghuisen, J., Chodera, J.D. Systematic errors in isothermal titration calorimetry: Concentrations and baselines. Analytical Biochemistry. 2011, 414 (2): 297-299.

Tellinghuisen, J. Intensity analysis of overlapped discrete and continuous absorption by spectral simulation: The electronic transition moment for the B-X system in I(2). Journal of Chemical Physics. 2011, 134 (8): Article #084301.

Tellinghuisen, J., Bolster, C.H. Using R(2) to compare least-squares fit models: When it must fail. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. 2011, 105 (2): 220-222.

Tellinghuisen, J. Least-squares analysis of data with uncertainty in x and y: A Monte Carlo methods comparison . Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. 2010, 103 (2): 160-169.

Tellinghuisen, J. Least squares in calibration: Dealing with uncertainty in x. Analyst. 2010, 135 (8): 1961-1969.

Tellinghuisen, J., Bolster, C.H.  Least-Squares Analysis of Phosphorus Soil Sorption Data with Weighting from Variance Function Estimation: A Statistical Case for the Freundlich Isotherm. Environmental Science & Technology. 2010, 44 (13): 5029-5034.

Bolster, C.H., Tellinghuisen, J. On the Significance of Properly Weighting Sorption Data for Least Squares Analysis. Soil Science Society Of America Journal. 2010, 74 (2): 670-679.

Tellinghuisen, J. Vapor Pressure Plus: An Experiment for Studying Phase Equilibria in Water, with Observation of Supercooling, Spontaneous Freezing, and the Triple Point. Journal of Chemical Education. 2010, 87 (6): 619-622.