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Brian Bachmann


Darryl Bornhop


Lauren Buchanan


David Cliffel


Timothy Hanusa


Eva Harth



B. A. Hess


Jeffrey Johnston


Craig Lindsley


Terry Lybrand


Janet Macdonald


Lawrence Marnett



John McLean


Jens Meiler


Prasad Polavarapu


Carmelo Rizzo


Sandra Rosenthal


Nathan Schley



Michael Stone


Gary Sulikowski


Steven Townsend


David Wright







Richard Caprioli


Walter Chazin


Stephen Fesik


Andrew Link


Clare McCabe


Sean Seymore


Faculty Listed By Research Area

Faculty Listed By Title


Name Phone Email Office Title
David Crisostomo 322-2861 7935 SC Lecturer in Chemistry
Alissa Hare 875-9136 5419-A SC Senior Lecturer
Borislav Ivanov 322-2861 7935-SC Lecturer in Chemistry
Adam List 322-4895 7562-B SC Principal Senior Lecturer,
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Shawn Phillips 343-2332 5207 SC Senior Lecturer
Michelle Sulikowski 343-4106 7660 SC Principal Senior Lecturer
Craig Tainter 875-9530 7541 SC Senior Lecturer
Tara Decuir Todd 343-9407 7619 SC Senior Lecturer
Susan Verberne-Sutton 343-3949 5419-B SC Senior Lecturer

Research Professors

Name Phone Email Office Title
Simona Codreanu 875-8422 5405 SC Research Assistant Professor
Joseph Conrad 875-8410 7830 SC Research Assistant Professor
Soumya Ganguly 936-6594 5144-F MRBIII Research Assistant Professor
Randi Gant-Branum 875-8463 5405 SC Research Assistant Professor
Francesca Gruppi 322-6072 7640 SC Research Assistant Professor
Connie Harris 322-0653 7664 SC Research Associate Professor
Thomas Harris 343-1197 7664 SC Research Professor
David M. Hercules 343-5230 5523 SC Research Professor
Hye-Young Kim 343-2695 7950 SC Research Assistant Professor
Kwangho Kim 322-7324 12410 MRBIV Research Assistant Professor
Danielle Kimmel 322-5516 7870 SC Research Assistant Professor
Dmitry Koktysh 343-6763 6217-A SC Research Assistant Professor
Amanda Kussrow 322-4404 5430-A SC Research Assistant Professor
Charles M. Lukehart 322-2935 7862 SC Research Professor
Jody May 875-8438 5423 SC Research Assistant Professor
James McBride 343-4264 7810 SC Research Assistant Professor
Lwiindi Mudenda 343-4371 7333 SC Research Assistant Professor
Alexandra Rutledge 875-8422 5405 SC Research Assistant Professor
Stacy Sherrod 875-8421 5405 SC Research Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Spraggins 343-2712 606 Light Hall Research Assistant Professor
Shaun Stauffer 936-8407 12468 MRBIV Research Assistant Professor
Donald Stec 322-6704 119 NMR Research Associate Professor
Keri Tallman 343-2695 7970 SC Research Assistant Professor
Ian Tomlinson 343-5980 7910 SC Research Assistant Professor
Markus Voehler 322-1573 107 NMR Research Associate Professor
Alex G. Waterson 322-9971 802-C RRB Research Associate Professor
Michael Wood 322-0670 12415-C MRBIV Research Assistant Professor

Adjunct Professors

Name Phone Email Office Title
Natalie Arnett 329-8780 Talley Brady Adjoint Assistant Professor
Norma Dunlap 898-2954 Davis Sci. Building Adjunct Professor
Amy-Joan Lorna Ham 460-6586 Belmont University Adjoint Assistant Professor
Frederick Haselton 322-6622 5932 Adjoint Professor
H. Charles Manning 322-3793 AAA-3106 MCN Adjoint Professor
Glenroy Dean Martin 322-8265 Fisk University Adjunct Assistant Professor
Rongson Pongdee (931) 598-1846 Spencer Hall 258 Adjoint Assistant ProfessorEmail
Lidia Smentek 322-2790 7921 SC Adjoint Professor