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Cheerleading Stunts
* Performing your respective part (main base, side base, back spot, or flyer), everyone will be evaluated on a variety of stunts that will include, but are not limited to:
o Switch ups, Full ups, Low-High tick tocks, High-High tick tocks, Double Downs
* Flyers must be able to pull all body positions (lib, heel stretch, scorpion, scale, arabesque, bow and arrow).
* Must be open to trying new skills!
Standing & Running Tumbling
* Standing Tuck – Required on all surfaces (mats, grass, gym floor, etc.)
* Standing Back Handspring (one or two) to a minimum of a tuck
* Jumps to Tuck (optional, but strongly encouraged)
* Minimum of a round off back handspring tuck
* Fulls are strongly suggested (running &/or standing)
Dance Team Skills
* Turns – Double and Triple Pirouettes, Fouettes in Second
* Leaps – Grand Jete, Calypso, Leap to Second, Reverse Jete, Toe Touch
o Special skills may include Disc Jumps, C Jumps, Switch Leaps
* Flexibility – Leg Extensions (front & side) with and/or without hold
* Special Notice will be given to those executing any advance skills not listed above (i.e. handsprings, aerials, etc.)

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