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A “Welcome Home” from Mr. C!

While most of their Vanderbilt classmates set out to start careers or pursue graduate studies, Austin Bauman and Tom Reardon chose a different path, one that was 5,000 miles long.

Following their graduation in May 2006, Bauman and Reardon embarked on Rally Across America, a 5,000-mile bike ride to raise money for the Rally Foundation, an organization that supports childhood cancer research.

Bauman and Reardon asked individuals to sponsor them a penny per mile with the hope of getting 5,000 sponsors by the end of their journey. “Pedaling for Pennies” became the Rally Across America slogan.

The two cyclists arrived back in Nashville on Sept. 5 to a welcoming crowd at Vanderbilt – including Mr. C! After three months and 5,000 miles of “pedaling for pennies” across the country, the cyclists returned with more than $116,000.

Read the full article in theĀ Vanderbilt Register.


“Vanderbilt mascot “Mr. Commodore” won the title of Mascot Champion at the COA Cheer and Dance North American Collegiate Championship, February 12, 2005, in New Orleans, LA.

Each mascot had to perform a skit that was judged on content, delivery and animation, creativity, character definition, prop utilization, and overall effect. “Mr. Commodore’s skit was a true crowd pleaser. The Vanderbilt mascot was fun and entertaining,” says President and CEO of COA, Inc. Steven G. Wedge.”

Mr. Commodore, played by Vanderbilt senior Meredith Baither, won with a very impressive score. Also in the skit was Senior Matt Galante who also portrays Mr. C for Vanderbilt University.

To compete, a collegiate mascot must create a skit that is one-and-a-half minutes long. Points are deducted if the mascot goes over the time limit.

Vandy’s winning skit was a variation of one that was performed at a halftime show last year, in which Mr. Commodore (played by Baither) tries to win over a woman. Galante dressed in drag to play the female role.

“It took hours of work to get this skit ready, and after weeks of planning, it was wonderful to have it work out in the end,” Baither said. “I definitely felt more pressure with this championship due to the fact that we won a previous championship two years ago. . . . This was also a great way to go out. Both Matt and I are seniors, and I think this a great way to wrap up our mascotting careers.”

You will see Mr. C wondering around all the basketball games and tournaments, along with some Baseball games. Come by and shake his hand.

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