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Black & Gold Banquet



Black & Gold Award Winners


Jim Robins Award**

The Jim Robins Award is given annually to perpetuate the memory of James A. Robins, class of 1892, whose life and teaching exemplified selfless devotion to learning, to honor, to participate in sports and to service to youth and Vanderbilt. It is awarded to the senior student-athlete in whose life these virtues are most evident.

2004-2005: Annie Menees (Tennis). 2005-2006: Brent Richard (Soccer),2006-2007: Eileen Bouldin (Swimming), 2007-2008: Shan Foster (MBB)

2008-2009: Christina Wirth (Women's Basketball)


Community Service Award

Awarded to a student-athlete who has performed numerous hours of community service and has made a significant contribution to the Nashville community. 

2004-2005: Meg Spies (Lacrosse), 2005-2006: Anna Morgan (Track),

2006-2007: Shannon Capps (Women's Cross Country and Track and Field), 2007-2008:Brooke Shinaberry (Lacrosse)

2008-2009: Rob Whiting (Men's Cross Country)

Dr. Jerry Reves Award

Awarded to the graduating senior student-athlete with the highest cumulative GPA. 
2006-2007: Molly Frew (Lacrosse),2007-2008: Shannon McConnaughey (Swimming)

2008-2009: Amanda Scott (Women's Cross Country and Track and Field)

"Play of the Year"*

Awarded to the student-athlete who had the most outstanding play that was either a turning point in their season or the cause of a significant moment or win for their team. 


Female - Audra Faulk (Tennis)

Male - Jason Holwerda & Corey Smith (Basketball)

Female -- Amanda Taylor (Tennis)

Male -- Jay Cutler (Football)


Female -- Carla Thomas (Basketball)

Male -- Derrick Byars (Basketball)


Female -- Josie Earnest (Bowling)

Male -- Shan Foster (Basketball)



Female -- Meredith Marsh (Women's Basketball)

Male -- Bryant Hahnfeldt (Football)


Miss & Mr. Commodore*

Awarded to a graduating senior student-athlete who best represents their team, the student-athlete body, and the campus community. 


Miss Commodore - Paige Roberts (Track & Field)
Mr. Commodore - Antoan Richardson (Baseball)


Miss. Commodore- Erica Grimaldi (Basketball)

Mr. Commodore- Brent Richard (Soccer)


Miss. Commodore- Caroline Williams ( Basketball)

Mr. Commodore- Jordan Magarik (Tennis)


Miss. Commodore- Brooke Shinaberry (Lacrosse)

Mr. Commodore- Jonathan Goff (Football)



Miss. Commodore- Christina Wirth (Women's Basketball)

Mr. Commodore- Reshard Langford (Football)


Tolbert Cup

Awarded to the team who has the best combined total of GPA, winning percentage, and community service hours.


Women's Basketball

Women's Soccer


Men's Cross Country


Women's Tennis



Men's Cross Country

Newcomer of the Year* (created 2005-06)

Awarded to the student-athlete who is either a freshman or a first-year transfer who had the most significant impact on their team.


Female- Jenn Risper ( Women's Basketball)

Male - Earl Bennett (Football)


Female- Catherine Newman (Women's Tennis)

Male - Chris Nickson (Football)


Female- Rita Jorgensen (Women's Cross Country and Track and Field)

Male- AJ Ogilvy (Basketball)



Female- Anna Carr (Women's Cross Country and Track and Field)

Male- Jeff Taylor (Basketball)

Comeback Player of the Year* (created 2005-06)

Awarded to a student-athlete who has either triumphed over physical adversity or a student-athlete who has persevered to achieve their goals in their respected sport. 


Female- Brooke Shinaberry (Lacrosse)

Male- Kenny Schoeni (Soccer)


Female- Brittany Sizer (Cross Country and Track and Field)

Male- George Smith (Football)


Female- Adrienne DiRaddo (Women's Cross Country and Track and Field)

Male- Davis Nwankwo (Basketball)




Female- Nicole Lukens (Women's Soccer)

Male- Aaron Westlake (Baseball)

*  Nominated by team members and voted on by SAAC.

** Voted on by Athletic Staff

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