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Art = Jobs


Because of your help, we will be able to support young adults with disabilities. Because of your help, we will be able to utilize ART as a currency and advocate our love for the less fortunate with our creativity. Because of your help, we were able to make an impact on campus, involving many student artists, faculty, and even community members to join this cause.
Because of your help, we were able to collect more than 50 ceramic pieces, 35 paintings, 13 drawings and 8 handmade jewelry pieces.
Because of your help, we are able to proudly present the complete catalog of the ART= JOBS donation collections:
Contribute to a great cause with your creativity!
You’ve created it, either for a class project or your own artistic pleasure, now take one step further with your work and make a difference!

Our Thrift Store
is a wonderful local non-profit, helping young adults with disabilities by creating jobs for them. Your donation would be added to their collection of quality products, and help them directly! No matter if it is a drawing, painting, photograph print, screen print, t-shirt, installation, sculpture, or ceramics, we will take them all!
We are also in the process of organizing a collective exhibition early next semester. It would be a great opportunity to get your work shown and appreciated!