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2012-2013 Fellows

Charlie Schwartz

Charlie is a sophomore studying HOD and Econ at Vanderbilt. Specifically, in terms of artistic interest, his heart belongs to musical theater, but he tends to enjoy and appreciate all performing arts. His primary motivation for joining CCRF is being a part of a community that supports and appreciates the arts, and is willing to contribute time and effort toward helping it excel both at Vanderbilt and in the Nashville area.




Lucia Lee

Lucia does not have a declared major yet, but is seriously considering English. She describes herself as a dorky fan of literature and poetry. She loves listening to music, playing music on her radio show, going to concerts and singing her heart out. To her, CCRF seems like a fun opportunity to meet people who share my interests and to promote creativity at Vanderbilt.



Miriam Goldstein

Miriam Goldstein is a left-handed, redheaded, undecided sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, leaning towards a major in History or Psychology, or maybe both. Her secret aspiration is to become a jazz singer. She loves watching old MGM musicals, particularly those starring Judy Garland, with whom she is absolutely obsessed. Miriam also enjoys listening to pre-1960s recordings – especially of live performances – and interviews of interesting people. Art museums fascinate her, because she only wishes she could create works as wonderful as the ones she sees there. Miriam is so excited to be a part of Creative Campus because the arts are the means through which she can travel to a forgotten area or explore an imaginary world. Oh, and she does believe in fate.

Seukyoung (Clarice) Lee

Seukyoung Lee is a sociology major. She is very interested in music.





Sophie Chen

Sophie is currently undecided on her major, but leaning toward Psychology and MHS. She is also looking into pursuing an English minor with a focus on poetry, which she loves. She loves Ultimate Frisbee, dogs, music, flag football, poetry, and helping people. This year, she hopes CCRF can expand, share, create, and help others through art, workshops, and thoughtful discussions. She would describe herself as weird.


Jaime Jones

Jaime is a neuroscience major. She enjoys all forms of art like most normal, healthy people do. But her favorites are the studio arts and her super in particular favorite is scratch! You probably don’t know what that is and that brings her to why she is in CCRF! She is in CCRF because she wants to make you know what that is! So she encourages you to ask her!

Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth Coleman is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Theatre and Film Studies with a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about theatre, film, and photography. She wants to become a master story teller with movies and the stage being her primary modes of communication. She is always open to new collaboration, so feel free to approach her with any idea. For her, CCRF is a community to find fellow collaborators and promote expression in the Vanderbilt community as well as in her personal relationships, a place to view the human experience from a different vantage.


Camille Greer

Camille is tentatively majoring in HOD or English with a General Music minor. Her artistic interests mainly involve music–singing and playing the piano. She is also a huge fan of musical theater (and theater in general!), fiction-writing, painting and sketching, fashion, and crafts. She is a member of Voices of Praise and was involved with a play produced by the Black Art Series here on-campus. To her, CCRF is about making our individual artistic passions a part of the learning experience and celebrating and sharing what’s great about the arts with the rest of campus!


Amy Liu

Ruo Ran Liu (Amy) is an HOD major. Her artistic interest lies in arts and crafts and dancing. CCRF helps her show her creativity and provides her more opportunities to learn about art.

Sam Snider

Sam is a sophomore studying neuroscience and philosophy. His artistic outlet is creative writing. He sees CCRF as a cohort of like-minded free thinkers eager to share and cultivate their artistic interests.

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn is an English major specializing in creative writing. She sees CCRF as a way to explore the arts, meet interesting people, and help make Vanderbilt a more colorful place. She is from New Orleans, and her interests include sunflowers, unicorns, and complaining about how cold she is.



Julianne Connors

Julianne is a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering. She plays the flute and loves all forms of music, so CCRF is a great way for her to express herself through creativity.




Depeng (Jim) Jin

Jim (Depeng) Jin is a double major in Honors Psychology and Economics. He is broadly interested in Visual Arts, especially video as an abstract expression of art. Creative Campus to him is an art media of its own. It is a form of communication between art and the campus. Jim is a rationally emotional, indifferently passionate, expressively introvert, intelligently foolish, half-awake creative nerd who loves & hates coffee.

Portfolio: Projeqt.com/jimmy


Binh Thai

Binh Thai is majoring in Chemical Engineering. He enjoys music and photography. For him, CCRF is a group of crazy people with crazy ideas. He also expects to gain some sort of entrepreneurial experience as CCRF works to make the group more well-established.




Eric Lyons

Eric Lyons is an English Lit. and Philosophy double major. He enjoys drawing and writing. He sees CCRF as a way to encourage an appreciation for creativity on campus and as an opportunity to reach out to the broader Nashville community.