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Meet the Fellows

Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth Coleman is a junior pursuing a double major in Theatre and Film Studies with a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about theatre, film, and photography. She wants to become a master story teller with movies and the stage being her primary modes of communication. She is always open to new collaboration, so feel free to approach her with any idea. For her, CCRF is a community to find fellow collaborators and promote expression in the Vanderbilt community as well as in her personal relationships, a place to view the human experience from a different vantage.

Darwin Ferng

Darwin is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is excited to be part of a group looking to broaden their perspectives and to have a great time together.



Jasmine Greer

A white flake drifts on my nose as I stare ahead at the mound of snow in my backyard. My two older brothers grab a shovel, my younger sister and I tighten our gloves. Ready for action we all run to the snow mountain to begin construction.

Originally I am from Michigan, much of my childhood winter memories consist of my siblings and I having fun in the snow. Annually, my siblings and I would build snow forts, play on top of a huge snow mountain and have exuberating snowball fights. Growing up in a large family, there was never a dull moment. When I was 12 years old, my family and I moved to Tennessee, and although I still miss the snow, Tennessee has been great.

My name is Jasmine Greer and I am a third year student at Vanderbilt. I have learned a lot about myself at Vanderbilt, one of which is to always keep doing my hobbies. When I am not studying, I enjoy playing the piano. I have been playing the piano since I was seven and I continue to learn classical music and popular pop songs as a form of relaxation. I also love to do Sudoku puzzles and sew. Although I am always learning new sewing techniques, I have completed several wearable skirts and dresses. Academics are extremely important to me but I also believe creativity plays a major role in the academic field.

Victoria (Tori) Ham

Depeng (Jim) Jin

Jim (Depeng) Jin is senior double majoring in Honors Psychology and Economics. He is broadly interested in Visual Arts, especially video as an abstract expression of art. Creative Campus to him is an art media of its own. It is a form of communication between art and the campus. This will be his third year participating in CCRF. Jim is a rationally emotional, indifferently passionate, expressively introvert, intelligently foolish, half-awake creative nerd who loves & hates coffee.

Portfolio: Projeqt.com/jimmy

Michael Oberti

Lia Sacks

Lia is a sophomore majoring in Modified Special Education and Comprehensive Special Education in the Peabody College of Education. She is from Lincolnwood, IL, a suburb of Chicago, where she resides with her parents, 16-year old brother, Jesse, and her two foster dogs. At home, Lia and her family are involved in animal rescue and have rescued/fostered almost 100 dogs. She also enjoys baking, cake decorating, and running. Lia plays clarinet in the Vanderbilt marching band, is a Next Steps Ambassadore, and is a member of Best Buddies and the Council for Exceptional Children club.