WE BELIEVE that the arts are integral in shaping our individual and collective identities and understanding what it means to a part of a multicultural community.

The Creative Campus Residential Fellows experience is designed to connect students across academic disciplines and interests, and to encourage ongoing participation and engagement in cultural programs and initiatives.

The purpose of Creative Campus Residential Fellows is to integrate art, media, design and creative expression into life at Vanderbilt and contribute to a culture where students, faculty and staff interact to build synergy in the arts across disciplines. This living learning community will provide students a unique context in which to build their creative potential, develop leadership skills, and exercise their expressive voice. Students can surround themselves with innovative thinkers and leave a legacy through creative enterprise. Participants will have an opportunity to build relationships with key community and campus leaders in the visual, literary, media, design, music, film, and performing art organizations through projects, field trips, and guest speakers. Participants will interact with Vanderbilt faculty associates and with other Curb Creative Campus affiliates including the Curb Center scholars and interns.

Participants will:

  • Be open to new experiences and engagement with diverse groups.
  • Explore creative enterprise and public leadership in the arts.
  • Explore ways to use creativity and the arts as a means of serving the community.
  • Become collaborators in an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchange.