Student & Faculty Presentations

The VICB seminar series, held weekly and containing a mix of extramural and intramural speakers, is of particular interest to CBI trainees.  Currently, CBI trainees are required to attend the VICB seminar and participate in a web-based discussion for two semesters under the course number CPBP 310 (Graduate Seminar in Chemical Biology).  The course takes advantage of the Online Access to Knowledge (OAK) system at Vanderbilt.  For each VICB seminar speaker one student is responsible for providing a power point presentation on the seminar topic.  Three discussion boards are posted after the presentation.  The topic of the first board is a simple Q&A sequence and the other two boards represent broader impact questions.  An archive of student past student presentations on select seminar topics is provided below.

Spring 2010 Student Presentations (TBA)   Visiting Faculty Presentations





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