The core requirements for the CBI Training Program are Foundations of Chemical Biology (CPBP 320), one year of Graduate Seminar in Chemical Biology (CPBP 310) and one cross discipline course.   Students are also required to complete three 8-10 week lab rotations their first year.   The trainee's home department determines the remaining course requirements.

Recommended Cross Discipline Courses:

BCHM 300 Introduction to Structural Biology
BCHM 301 Molecular Structure and Function
BCHM 303 Biomolecular X-ray Crystallography
BCHM 343 Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
BCHM 353 Analytical Proteomics

BSCI 201 Introduction to Cell Biology
BSCI 220 Biochemistry I
BSCI 274 Protein Design

CHEM 202 Introduction to Bio-inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 220c Organic Chemistry Structure and Mechanisms
CHEM 224 Bio-organic Chemistry
CHEM 226 Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 233 Molecular Modeling Methods
CHEM 234 Spectroscopy
CHEM 336 Biochemical Toxicology and Carcinogenesis

IGP 300A Bioregulation

MP&B 325 Physical Measurements on Biological Systems
MP&B 330 Human Physiology & Molecular Medicine

PHAR 320 Pharmacological Targets and Mechanisms
PHAR 324 Receptor Theory and Signal Transduction
PHAR 327 Modern Drug Discovery
PHAR 345 Cell & Molecular Neuroscience

For a description of our innovative approach to teaching and course design, click on the following article link: Designing a Curriculum That Goes Beyond a List of Topics



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