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Arts, Media & Communications


The Arts, Media and Communications industry cluster is the group of industries primarily associated with creative expression. From the visual arts to the art of writing, if a job involves human expression, then you will likely find it in one of these industries:

  • Writing
  • Journalism (Broadcast and Print)
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Television and Radio Broadcasting
  • Architecture
  • Film
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Culinary Arts

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Resume & Cover Letter Samples

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Music resume samples for Blair students


Vandy on Madison Avenue

Vandy on Madison Avenue

The Vandy on Madison Avenue experience is on hiatus for spring 2016. Updates will be posted on our home page and communicated via the Arts, Media & Communications listserv.


Vandy in Hollywood Summer Internship Program

The Vandy-in-Hollywood Summer Internship Program (ViHSIP) has earned a reputation among industry insiders for providing top-notch student interns to various entertainment enterprises while providing students an opportunity to make connections and form relationships with important industry contacts. Former ViHSIP interns have been very successful in leveraging those connections, turning their unpaid internships into full-time career opportunities. The idea behind this program is to give Vanderbilt students internships they otherwise would have a hard time accessing on their own. In the early days, movie-making was much simpler: Actors, writers, producers, directors, cameramen, editors, and muscle to move the equipment were just about all that was necessary to take a production from the back lot to the big screen. Today, with the advent of special effects, international distribution, and as many cable channels as there are stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, opportunities abound. Finding them, however, can be tricky, and in Hollywood it’s not always what you know, but rather who you know. Did you know that because of the caliber of Vanderbilt’s interns, some companies now actually guarantee holding a spot for interns selected for the program? Read on to learn more and join this excellent program.

The ViHSIP application will be posted on DoreWays at the beginning of December. Candidates will be selected and interviewed by the Vandy-in-Hollywood (ViH) Alumni Group. Several factors have contributed to the program’s success, but one in particular must be the screening and interview process. Just wanting to work in Hollywood isn’t enough to land one of these coveted spots. The best candidates are able to articulate exactly what type of career in the entertainment field they want—or at least think they want. The ViH Alumni Group looks for candidates based on skill set and focus—which company or area of the entertainment industry they are most interested in. Along those lines, candidates will also need to demonstrate dedication, passion, a willingness to work long hours, and an excitement about that world. Our alumni are accomplished Hollywood professionals. You’ll find them at top companies like Sony Pictures Television, Lionsgate, Carmike Cinemas, IMAX, Reveille, Double Feature, Comcast, Digisynd and many more. They have written, produced, acted in or worked on movies and TV shows like The Fighting Temptations, Wipeout, Psych, Who’s Your Caddy, The Closer, 24, iCarly, NCIS, The Cleveland Show and Hawaii Five-O.

Students selected for the program will be aligned with an alumni mentor who works within the students’ desired area. Participants will also attend an information session prior to send-off with Career Coach, Grace Foy. Each selected student receives a Vandy-in-Hollywood Summer Intern Handbook, which includes such tips as, “Timing is everything in Hollywood. Projects fall apart all the time because one piece of an intricate puzzle didn’t happen on time. Understand this, and know that when you’re asked to do something, the default timeline is that it’s urgent.” One goal of this handbook is to deconstruct any misconceptions the interns may have about working in the land of year-round suntans and red carpets. After the start of summer, ViHSIP offers exclusive events for interns in Hollywood, such as special speakers, seminars, and networking mixers with other universities and organizations.

No matter whom you talk to, one thing is clear: Without connections, without a network, it’s almost impossible to find your way in Hollywood. Vanderbilt undergraduate and graduate students alike have interned at places like CAA, WME, APA, ICM, FX, Disney, Lionsgate, New Wave Entertainment, Pangea Media, The Improv, CBS-Paramount, Levity Entertainment, NBC and many, many more.

Read the full article about how ViH came to fruition here .

*If you receive and accept an offer for an unpaid internship, you will want to receive academic credit; you must complete the following steps to be eligible for the Summer Internship Subsidy:

VU Alumni Share Their Professional Stories