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Hire an Intern

 Hiring Guide


Internship Plan Components

• Duration and Start Date

• Learning Objectives

• Supervision Structure

• Training and Development

• Short and Long Term Projects

• Evaluation Procedures

• Policies and Expectations

• Orientation and On-Boarding

Steps to Consider When Hiring an Intern


  1. Identify specific project/tasks and goals for the intern.
  2. Select an intern supervisor or mentor for the duration of the internship.
    Review these tips for selecting a mentor.
  3. Review legal considerations:
    Department of Labor Internship Fact Sheet
  4. Create an Internship Position Description.


  1. Post the internship position on DoreWays or contact the Center for Student Professional Development for assistance with your internship posting. (Download Sample Posting)

    → Go to DoreWays to register for an employer account. 
  2. Review resumes.
  3. Interview selected candidates.
  4. Extend an offer and negotiate salary, if necessary.


  1. Complete any new employee paperwork as required by your organization. Vanderbilt University departments should review the Steps to Hiring Student Workers.
  2. Complete Internship Learning Plan with the intern. (Download Sample Learning Plan)
  3. Provide leadership, set expectations and communicate.
  4. Offer feedback and evaluate the intern’s progress.

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