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VUMC Employee ID Card Protocol: Listing of Licensure, Degree and Certification

January 2014

VUMC employee ID cards are of utmost importance to the patients and visitors we serve. Our Vanderbilt Card helps communicate who we are and the functions we perform, in addition to its use to access other services. Our goal is to ensure that all employee ID cards are easily read and understood by our patients and visitors, who likely do not have vast knowledge of clinical licensure, degree or certifications.

With this in mind, the following credentialing guidelines have been established for your new Vanderbilt ID card:

Licensure: For those who are clinicians and who are working directly with patients, your license will be listed first (MD, RN, RPh) after your name. If you hold a licensure that directly supports your current job (clinical or non-clinical), it is required that you list your licensure.

Examples include:              Jane Doe, RN, MSN
                                                John Doe, MD, PhD

By listing your license first, it easily reinforces to the patient or visitor what your role is in providing care to them. (Many of our patients will know your license acronym but may have difficulty identifying degree acronyms.)

Clinical Degree : The degree you list on your badge should be the highest degree you have achieved and be applicable to the job you perform on behalf of VUMC.  It is not a requirement to list your degree unless it directly supports your current job.

Non Clinical Degree : terminal degrees only, MHA, JD, MBA, Phd.

Clinical Certification : Certifications are printed for clinicians who have been conferred the certification by a nationally recognized credentialing body (e.g., ANCC, ANA, AORN).

Life Support certifications (e.g., BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc.) will not be listed on employee badges.

Finally, only licensures, degrees, credentials and certifications listed as eligible for printing will be printed on the ID card.