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Board of Trust

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Officers of the Board of Trust

  1. The officers of the Board of Trust shall be the Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, and a Secretary. [1998]

    a. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board, and, when present, at the meetings of the Executive Committee; shall approve the dates of all meetings of the Board; and shall have authority to call special meetings. The Chairman shall exercise general supervision over the work of the Board and perform other duties appropriate to the office. [1998]

    b. The Chancellor shall prepare the agenda, subject to approval of the Chairman, for meetings of the Board and of the Executive Committee, and, as the Chairman's deputy, shall assist in the general supervision of the work of the Board. [1998]

    c. The Vice-Chairmen shall, in the order of their seniority in office, preside over the Board in the absence of the Chairman and shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman or requested by the Board. [1998]

    d. The Secretary shall be responsible for the preservation of a full and accurate record of the meetings of the Board. The Secretary may be assisted in the performance of the Secretary's duties by one or more members of the administration of the University. [1998]

  2. All voting for officers shall be on nominations made by the Governance and Board Affairs Committee . , and shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present for election. Officers shall serve for a three-year term, with a maximum of two terms in any one position. Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter I (A) (4), a member serving as an officer at the expiration of said term as a member may be re-elected as a regular member in order to complete the maximum term of service as an officer. [ 2015

  3. The Board may remove an officer of the Board with or without cause upon a majority vote of the members present and voting at any regular meeting or meeting called by the Chairman of the Board. [1998]