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The Chancellor

  1. The Chancellor shall be the chief officer of the University. The Chancellor may delegate authority to the General Officers , to the faculties, and to others within the University, but no delegation of authority shall in any wise diminish the Chancellor's responsibility to the Board of Trust. The Chancellor has authority to suspend the action of any faculty of the University, the Faculty Senate, or of other individuals or bodies to whom authority has been delegated. In so doing, in the case of any faculty or of the Faculty Senate, the Chancellor shall promptly submit to the body concerned, in writing, a statement of the action and the reasons therefore, and the Chancellor shall report the action to the Board at its next regular meeting together with any pertinent statement submitted by the body affected. [ 2015

  2. The Chancellor shall preside at Commencement and confer degrees on behalf of the Board. [1998]

  3. The Chancellor is, ex officio, chairman of the faculty of each school and college. [1982]

  4. The Chancellor shall appoint the General Officers and Deans of colleges and schools, as necessary, for the orderly administration of the University. These shall serve at the pleasure of the Chancellor. The initial appointment of General Officers and Deans of colleges and schools shall require approval by the Board. [2015]