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The Faculty Assembly and the Faculty Senate

  1. Voting membership of the Faculty Assembly consists of the full-time members of the faculties of the several colleges and schools, and those having full status with partial load, who hold the rank of Instructor or above (which includes administrative officers who hold faculty appointments). Part-time members of the faculties not having full status with partial load are nonvoting members of the Faculty Assembly. [1981]

  2. The Faculty Senate is the representative, deliberative, legislative body of the Faculties. It is composed of the Deans of the colleges and schools, elected members, and ex officio members, including the Chancellor. Ex officio members may participate fully in the deliberations, but they have no vote. [1982]

  3. The Faculty Assembly may adopt a Constitution, setting forth its own regulations and rules of order, and also the composition and organization of the Senate to the extent not herein above provided, including procedures for changing its composition from time to time. The Senate may be given power under the Constitution to adopt its own regulations and rules of order. The Constitution may contain provisions for its own amendment. [1966]

  4. The Senate may, under the Constitution, be vested with the power to review and evaluate the educational policies and practices of the University (including policies and procedures to be applied in cases involving conscience or academic freedom); to make recommendations concerning them to the Chancellor, and through the Chancellor to the Board of Trust; to discuss and express its views about any matter affecting the University to any individual, faculty, or other group within the University; and to facilitate communication among the faculties, the Chancellor, and assisting officers. [1982]