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Guiding you through Training and Help.

The Training & Help section of the Blackboard website is a comprehensive collection of Help tools, including training videos, help sheets, frequently asked questions, and access to help resources.  The Training and Help section has its own navigation area, while continuing to display the navigation for the main Blackboard website.

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The three main areas of the Training & Help section are:

1. Training & Help Home - links back to this page
2. Training - list training videos and help sheets
3. FAQs - searchable frequently asked questions

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Other useful help links are:

1. Check My Browser - checks browser settings for Blackboard use
2. Who to Contact - list of local OAK Support Providers
3. Mail Form - send a quick note to your service provider

Training Workshops

Many schools schedule their own training sessions. Please check with your local support provider for their scheduled sessions.

Blackboard underwent a significant upgrade this summer. Join us to learn about the changes, tricks, and tips, as well as where to find help.  Get a head start building your course. Blackboard Training is open to all faculty; reservations are not required, but a courtesy email to is suggested.


Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11 Overview:

To familiarize you with the new features, Blackboard created several short videos: 
»   Global Navigation
»   New Calendar
»   New Content Editor
»   Assessment Item Analysis
»   Discussion Boards

Tutorials on using these features can be found in the Training section.

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Note about Regularly Scheduled Maintenance:

Though we like to have our servers up 24/7, there are times when we need to take them down to perform regular maintenance. Please note that we will reserve the third Sunday morning of each month to perform these tasks. Blackboard may be down between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM the THIRD Sunday of each month. If we need to be down longer (or not at all), we will provide 2-3 week notice that will be posted on the main Blackboard website.

Please know that there may be times that we need to take the server down immediately in emergency situations. Information about such downtime can always be found on the main Blackboard website.

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