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Blackboard Help Sheets & Videos

Help: on your own time, when you need it.

Self-help resources are available for students and faculty in downloadable PDF quick reference sheets and in step-by-step videos.

To take advantage of these materials, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Media Player.  Check your browser to see if your computer is ready.  (This will take 15-20 seconds.)

Getting Started

Vanderbilt is using Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11. Following are training materials on various features of this version of Blackboard.

» Download "Highlighted Resolved Issues and New Features" (PDF)
» Watch  Global Navigation
» Watch  New Calendar
» Watch  New Content Editor
» Watch  Inline Assignment Grading
» Watch  Assessment Item Analysis
» Watch  Discussion Boards

Getting to know the Blackboard website and Blackboard Learn 9.1.
  » Download "Getting to Know Blackboard" guide with menu printout pages (PDF)

Using Internet Explorer 9 with Blackboard.
» Download "Using IE9 with Blackboard" (PDF)

Show / Hide the Course Menu. 
» Download "Expanding and Collapsing the Course Menu" (PDF)

Making a course available.
» Download "Make Your Course Available" (PDF)

Copying course material from one course to another.
» Download "Course Export / Package Import" (PDF)

Digital Dropbox Replacement: the Assignments tool.
» Download "Assignments: Using OAK without the Digital Dropbox" (PDF)

Enrolling "Guests" (or other course roles) in your course.
» Download "Enrolling a Guest" (PDF)

Guides to Blackboard Extensions

Blackboard Mobile Learn
» Visit the Blackboard Mobile Learn website.

Document Unpackager
» Download Document Unpackager Instructor Guide (PDF)

iTunes U
» Download iTunes U Instructor Guide (PDF

» Download Bb 9.1 SafeAssign Instructor Guide (PDF)
» Download Bb 9.1 SafeAssign Student Guide (PDF)
» Download SafeAssign Paper Reprocessing Guide (PDF)

TurningPoint5 (student response system)
» Download Using Bb with TurningPoint5 (PDF)
» Download TurningPoint Instructor Guide (PDF)
» Download TurningPoint Student Guide (PDF)

  Instructors need to download the latest version of TurningPoint (5.2.0):
  1. Visit the TurningTechnologies download page
  2. Scroll down to Polling Software
  3. Click TurningPoint 5
  4. Click the title of the version you need to download

Kaltura / My Media» Download Vanderbilt Kaltura User Guide (PDF)


Guides from Blackboard

Blackboard Learn 9.1 User Guides
The Blackboard User Guides are provided for Vanderbilt facutly and students to use as a quick reference.Vanderbilt does not have all the features described in the Guides. If you need more help, please contact your local support provider.

» View Bb 9.1 Instructor Guide (link)
» View Bb 9.1 Student Guide (link)